Saturday , August 18 2018
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No debt service payments for the next 5 years

  Puerto Rico’s Electric Power Authority (or “PREPA”) is one of the largest public power utilities in the US, serving 1.5 million customers with total revenues of $3.4 billion, total assets of $9.4 billion and total liabilities of $11.4 billion in fiscal 2017. A key challenge highlighted in the fiscal …

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Dell is said to be considering strategic options including IPO

  Drew Angerer | Getty Images Michael Dell, CEO of Dell Inc., attends the annual Allen & Company Sun Valley Conference on July 8, 2016. PC-maker Dell Technologies is considering strategic options including a public share offering or a deal with its majority owned New York-listed unit, VMware, according to …

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FedEx to give wage increases, bonuses to workers

  FedEx says it’ll be giving wage increases, bonuses and make a voluntary $1.5 billion contribution to the company’s pension plan, citing recent tax reform legislation. The package delivery company follows others doing the same, including Home Depot, Disney, Starbucks, and Walmart. FedEx said Friday that it’ll raise compensation by …

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Robert Shiller says bitcoin is an ‘interesting experiment’

  Bitcoin has “gone viral as a currency” and its price instability is a concern, economist Robert Shiller said Thursday.   Speaking at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland, Shiller compared the cryptocurrency to other attempts to “change” currency. Referring to concepts like the Unidad de Fomento — …

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How Spotify, Apple Music, can pay musicians more-commentary

  For example, Taylor Swift earned between $280,000 and $390,000 for her song “Shake It Off” which garnered 46.3 million streams, according to one report. But that’s for one of the world’s biggest pop stars. Most musicians won’t generate that many streams in their life time. Another calculation shows that …

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