Saturday , August 18 2018
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Malaysians have a high score that’s dangerous for health

  The heart pumps blood to the body through the blood vessels, which resists the blood flow. Blood pressure is recorded with two measurements – systolic and diastolic, in millimetres mercury (mmHg). The former is the force of the heart and the latter is the resistance in the blood vessels. …

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Seven ways to make your vagina ‘happy’

  Are you one of those women who neglect your vagina? Do you only think about it when something is wrong, such as unusual discharge or itchiness? The vagina deserves plenty of care. Think about how important it is – it serves as the channel for a woman to deliver …

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Californian pharmacies run out of flu meds with high demand

  So many people have fallen sick with influenza in California, United States, that pharmacies have run out of flu medicines, emergency rooms are packed, and the death toll is rising higher than in previous years. Health officials said recently that 27 people younger than 65 have died of the …

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The advent of Dr Robot

  The field of robotics is one that’s synonymous with innovation, and it’s slowly, but surely transforming the way we live and work. One area that we see robotics making increasing inroads is in the field of surgery. The first recorded use of robotics in surgery occurred in 1985, when …

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Judge Orders New Olympus Trial Over Superbug Death

  A Seattle judge said Olympus Corp. failed to properly disclose internal emails that raised safety concerns about a redesigned medical scope as early as 2008, several years before the device was publicly tied to deadly superbug outbreaks. Citing those “willful discovery violations” by the Japanese device giant, King County …

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