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Cleaning Products You Should Never Mix

  When you’re faced with a tough cleaning job, it’s easy to get frustrated — and tempting to get creative with how you combat it. But before you reach for every cleaning product under your sink and start playing chemist, take caution. “People often think that if one product works, …

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How to Make Your Home Smell Amazing

  There’s something about a special home scent. You’re not always totally aware it’s there, but when you walk into a room that has a certain smell, you’re immediately hit with a memory of a time or place. (Remember how distinctive your grandma’s house used to smell?). To create that …

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How to Get Gum Out of Clothes

  Gum is a huge help when you’re running to a lunch date and are worried about bad breath. But it’s also notorious for being a pain to remove if it ends up anywhere but inside your mouth — especially when it comes to your clothes. Don’t worry, not all …

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Joanna Gaines Spring Target Collection

  Ready for a home refresh to kick off 2018? If so, Joanna Gaines has got you covered. Her new Hearth & Hand with Magnolia spring collection at Target is full of pieces that will add color and polish to your house, while her line of organizational items (calendars, storage, …

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50 Cleaning Tips and Tricks

  Here’s the cleaner recipe that will make nearly every surface gleam (especially kitchen counters, appliances, and inside the refrigerator). Combine 4 tablespoons baking soda and 1 quart warm water, and use it with a sponge to wipe messes away. What you’ll need: baking soda, reusable spray bottle, sponge

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Fixer Upper Episode Five Tour

  Every makeover on Fixer Upper seems to get better and better, but Joanna Gaines just revealed that a recent episode holds a special place in her heart. “The details and style of this week’s Fixer Upper house may be one of my all time favorites!” Joanna revealed on Instagram. …

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Tiny Houses for Sale on Amazon

  $36,000 (plus $3,755 shipping) BUY NOW This 320-square-foot abode has it all: a bedroom, shower, toilet, sink, kitchenette, living area, appliances, heating, and air conditioning. But the best part might just be those charming french doors, which let in plenty of natural light.

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