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How a Tea Detox Will Suppress Your Appetite

Your appetite can have a mind of its own, and when this happens you will find yourself eating too much even when you need to reduce your food intake. If you have been looking for something that will tame your appetite, a tea detox might be just what you need to take care of this problem.

A tea detox can be highly effective where appetite suppression is concerned. Green tea and dandelion tea are two common teas that will not only help eliminate harmful toxins in your body but they can also help you stop mindless eating and snacking and in the long run help you attain your weight loss goals. Below we look at how these two teas and other teas known for detox work to suppress your appetite.

Green Tea

Green tea affects two peptide hormones, namely dopamine and norepinephrine. These two hormones work to activate the sympathetic nervous system. Once this system is activated, your desire for food will be considerably reduced.

A tea detox also increases the production of CCK, a hormone that is naturally produced by the body to control appetite. Thanks to the increased production of this hormone, green tea can help you reduce your appetite just a short while after taking it.

A cup or two of green tea will leave you satiated for up to 4 hours. Its effect on a number of appetite-regulating hormones makes it especially ideal for people who have a hard time staying away from unhealthy foods and snacks. You can also take your tea with meals or before meals since it is quite healthy and comes without negative side effects. Just remember to also incorporate whole foods that are rich in fiber and slower to digest in your diet.

Dandelion Tea

Dandelion works to curb the appetite for sweet things. In most instances, these sweet foods come loaded with empty calories that are bad for your weight loss and may cause serious problems in your body.

Dandelion tea is extracted from the roots and leaves of the dandelion plant. To make your drink, you just need to steep the tea in some warm water for about 15 minutes. Take the tea 3 times a day and you will realize that your cravings for sweet foods will considerably go down.

There are other great teas that work in different ways to suppress your appetite. These teas often feature two or more plant extracts that are known to have an effect on appetite. Make sure your detox tea has these ingredients. Some of the common ingredients in herbal teas are;


Guarana is a fruit that numerous studies have shown is quite effective in reducing cravings. This possibly explains why it is extensively used in making weight loss supplements and tea detox. It also comes with nutrients that are highly beneficial to the body.

It is important to note that Guarana has high caffeine content. If you are sensitive to caffeine, just stay away from any tea with Guarana in it. The tea may also cause some side effects that include but are not limited to restlessness and anxiety.

Yerba Mate

Yerba Mate slows down the gastric emptying rate in the body. This means that if you take Yerba Mate tea before a meal you will be less likely to overindulge in your next meal. The detox tea also helps to deal with the distressing feeling of hunger that often sends people back to their unhealthy eating ways.


Damiana is a shrub found in different parts of the world. This plant has been used for generations as a tonic and as a body cleanser. Recent studies have shown that this shrub also delays gastric emptying. It is, therefore, effective in suppressing and managing appetite.

Damiana is also a mood enhancer. If you are an emotional eater, taking Damiana will help elevate your moods. This way, you will not have to reach for unhealthy foods to lift your spirits. this is why it’s a perfect ingredient for a tea detox.

All the above ingredients are great for tea detox as they work to reduce your appetite and help you manage cravings. Look for a tea detox that consists of one or more of the above appetite suppressing ingredients. If you are working towards weight loss, you can be guaranteed that such teas will be of great help and will make it easier for you to stick to your diet. You will also be in more control of your eating habits and cravings will now be a thing of the past.

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