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Which Meal Replacement Shake Provides More Value: Arbonne or 310?

If you’re conscious about healthy living, and you haven’t been living under a rock for the past decade, you would have come across dozens of meal replacement shakes. And popular amongst these shakes are Arbonne and 310 nutrition shakes.

There are awesome Arbonne protein shake reviews and really inspiring 310 nutrition reviews, so it might be tough discerning which one to choose. As great as they both seem – both are designed to provide you with healthy nutritious shakes, but without the excess calories – do they provide the same value? Or does one of them offer more benefits to its users than the other?

Who Are Their Manufacturers?

310 Shakes are made by a nutrition firm that specializes in making healthy shakes and drinks. Their products are supposedly so healthy that they don’t contain artificial ingredients (more on this later). From 310 shake reviews, these all seems pretty awesome, because it is expected that a firm which specializes in one sector knows a great deal about what it’s selling.

Arbonne on the other hand, is made by Arbonne international. They make all sorts of feminine products, from make ups to lotions and now, meal replacement shakes. On the surface, their shakes may seem like a side venture, meant to raise their bottom line, but if you take a closer look at their other products, you’ll notice that they lay emphasis on using healthy ingredients in their products. So it won’t be a big leap to assume they’re just as health conscious as 310 nutrition.


Costs are usually deal breakers for most people, so it’s important to compare them. Arbonne meal replacement shakes are sold for $76 for each 30 servings pack. While 310 shakes are sold at $68 for a 28 servings pack. At first glance, arbonne seems to be offering more value for the price, since their higher price is compensated by the two extra servings they give.

Taking a closer look though, you’ll see that Arbonne actually charges approximately $2.5 per serving, while 310 nutrition charges $2.4 per serving. So even though Arbonne seems like the better deal, 310 nutrition is actually offering a much cheaper deal.

However, note that better quality of ingredients tend to beget higher prices, so maybe Arbonne has some secret ingredient mixed in with their shakes to justify their higher prices. On note, let’s turn to the ingredients listed and see which meal replacement shake is more “superior”.



Ingredients in 310 Nutrition

Triplex Proprietary Blend: this is a unique blend of proteinases ingredients made up of pea, hemp protein and brown rice. The blend has been carefully formulated to give you a plant-based protein that provides you with the necessary amino acids you need daily, while also suppressing your hunger pangs (pea specifically has been linked with suppressed hunger). Note that this triplex blend is patented by 310 nutrition, so you’ll only find this specific formula in their shakes.

Aside from the triplex blend though, some 310 shakes have whey (animal) protein in them, so look carefully at the ingredients before ordering.

Probiotics & Green Blend: 310 contains a ton of superfoods. Their green blend contains over one billion CFU of Lactobacillus Acidophilus, which is a well-known probiotic. Shakes containing this green blend are rich in vegetables and fruits, rich in vitamins and minerals. It’s estimated by 310 nutrition reviews that you’ll get up to 30% of your minerals and vitamins requirements for the day after consuming one serving of 310 nutrition.

From 310 shakes reviews, you’ll note that some of the ingredients left out include artificial colors and flavors, soy, gluten and sugar (they use stevia leaves for taste instead).

Ingredients in Arbonne Shakes

Arbonne Protein Mix Blend: apparently all companies have their protein blend. Arbonne’s contains cranberry protein, pea protein isolate, and rice protein.

It contains sugar cane, which isn’t exactly ideal for weight loss. It also contains a lot of artificial ingredients like xanthan and guar gum. It uses corn starch, which isn’t GMO free.

As a whole, as awesome as arbonne protein shake reviews make them seem like, their ingredients just don’t seem to justify the hefty price tag.


The more flavors a product comes in, the more variety and options its users have.

Arbonne has chai protein shake mix, along with the standard chocolate and vanilla flavors. They have other drinks – herbal teas, fiber boost and so forth.

310 shakes also has the standard chocolate and vanilla shakes. But the also have a lot of other varieties like; toasted coconut, salted caramel and a platora of other healthy drinks and chai.

Bottom line

With the number of meal replacement shakes in the market, it’s sometimes easier to believe the most expensive offers the most value. But that’s not always the case. At the end of the day, your choice of shake will boil down to which shake appeals to your taste buds the most, and which of them helps you get the body you want.

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